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Challenge Accepted!!

Sewing Challenges!

If you been browsing the sewing community feed on Instagram recently, you might have seen it’s the season for sewing challenges and it’s in full swing! Last year I didn’t really take part in many (in fact I think it was only 2, and only 1 was completed on time!) but this year I’m going to make a real effort to take part in more, as they are so much fun! Plus I have picked ones that fit around items that I’m already planning/interested in making so hopefully that’ll make it easier! However, I really need to make sure that I pull my finger out if I want to get these done on time! Why can’t my day job be to just take part in sewing challenges and sew all day long….?? *sigh* ah well! It does mean that my efforts at the gym may dwindle, not that there was much effort going on there anyway….

Anyways!! These are the challenges that I am currently trying to participate in. I thought I’d give you the low-down on them in case you wanted to join in too! Unless you’ve already signed up, if that’s the case – how are you getting on??

Sew Out of this World (#sewoutofthisworld)


Closing date: 4th May 2018

This challenge is being hosted by Sewloco and is made up of 3 ‘missions’ with each one having a team captain.

Mission 1 : To Infinity and Beyond. Captain: Claire Mackaness @artyfartymack

Mission 2 : Tackling UFOs. Captain: Lucy Cockerill @lucycockerill

Mission 3 : Stargazer. Captain: Alice Irvine @theskintedsewist

You can find out the details for each mission here. I’ve chosen Stargazer as I Screenshot_20180411-082418.jpgremembered the Cat astronaut fabric that I have but haven’t used yet! I really need to get a wriggle on with this challenge as there isn’t much time left! I have cut out an Orla dress, but looking at the bodice, it doesn’t look like it’s going to fit! So I’m thinking of taking the bodice from something else and frakenpattern it to the Orla skirt. Or do I just go up a size??? Argh! I’m running out of time!!!!!! I may have to move some projects about and put this one to the forefront as I hadn’t realised how fast the date is approaching!  I’ll keep you updated!

A Little Lawn Party (#alittlelawmparty)

IMG_20180411_084006_726.jpgClosing date: 15th May 2018

This is hosted by the lovely ladies Mel (@handmadebyditsytulip) and Atia (@thebrightblooms). You can find more information on their blogs here and here. This is inspired by Spring – flowers, picnics and tea parties and is aimed at cotton/cotton lawn fabrics, although any springy fabric is game! I think this is a lovely challenge for the coming season, and who doesn’t love a new garment for Spring!! As I already have the Simple Sew Sienna dress cut out in a floral fabric, I decided this would be a great entry for this challenge. I haven’t made this dress before so I’m quite excited to see how it turns out, and I’m also making this one from a cotton duvet cover from Asda!

Me Made May 2018 (#MMMAY2018)

For the whole of May.  This is hosted by Zoe (@sozoblog) and you can check out the details on her blog here.

For my MMMAY2018, I have pledged to wear each of my Me Made items at least once during the month of May, and use this to identify the gaps in my wardrobe (which are plenty!) and make plans to rectify that! I know the pledge is meant to really challenge you but I just don’t have that many handmade items, and as it’s my first time taking part, I’d like to use the opportunity to really go through my wardrobe and plan out what it is I feel I need more of, and what I can make to fill that gap. Luckily I have purchased Athina’s sewing planner (which you can find here) and I’m going to try to utilise that to help me with this task!

I shall be posting predominantly on Instagram each time I wear my me-made item, then I’ll do a round up on here! Depending on how many I wear each week (prepare to see a lot of repeats!) I may do a weekly roundup, otherwise I’ll just do a big-ass one at the end of the month!

Sew Together For Summer (#sewtogetherforsummer)

ClIMG_20180328_100000_817.jpgosing date: 21st June 2018

This challenge is hosted by the lovely ladies Sarah (@sewsarahsmith), Suzy (@sewing_in_spain) and Monika (@rocco.sienna). You can check out the challenge details on Sarah’s blog post here.

The challenge this year is to make a summer wrap dress (last year it was a shirt dress) and again I already had plans to make a wrap dress so this fitted in perfectly. I am making Vogue V8896 which you may have seen made up by some lovely sewists already such as @sewhappy_alex I absolutely loved the pattern when I first saw it, and then when I saw it actually made up, it was a definite YES! Luckily, my friend who is learning to sew, bought this pattern last year, but got the wrong size so gave it to me as it’s my size!! Yay! She has since bought the correct size, and we are making this up at the same time so I can help her work through the pattern and instructions (whilst figuring it out myself at the same time!). I have some lovely floral fabric which I got at the Knitting and Stitching show this year, I think from Simply Fabrics (who are part of the Textile Centre apparently). I’m so hoping this turns out well as I love this fabric so much! Plus, I managed to inadvertently cut out a monster head!! Check out my Instagram feed for the picture – I have previously cut out a mushroom shape in my off-cuts too! Have you made any funny shapes when cutting out your pattern pieces?

You can check out my Instagram page to keep up with my progress (I promise to do better as posting!) and I’ll pop the finished pieces on here as and when I’m done. I’m hoping to rekindle my vlog soon too, I’m trying to find those extra hours in the day (more like evening) when I can record as I have a list of things I want to vlog about! Hopefully fairly soon, I’ll also do another post about other sewing challenges that are going on and start a little reference page. So if you are taking part in any or know of any, please let me know!

Until next time xx


5 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted!!

  1. Love all these challenges but as I’m so new to all this I struggle to keep up so this is a useful post. I have a top for #alittlelawnparty so I’ll give that a go 🌼🌸


    1. I hope you do!! Don’t worry, I’m still fairly new(ish) to this too and at the end of the day, it’s a bit of fun! I’m definitely not going to get all of them done on time, if at all but it’s something to try x

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